Eleven Keys to a Successful Campaign

1.  A focus on the spiritual - Successful campaigns quickly shift from what funds are needed to “what is God doing in our midst.”  While campaigns hope to reach financial goals, true, life changing, campaigns are more than just about money.  Good campaigns tap into the spiritual issues at stake.

2.  Committed Leadership 

3.  Establishment of a vision 

4.  Commitment of the Senior Minister - If the Senior Minister is not committed to the project, the campaign will be seriously hindered.  His or Her leadership and enthusiasm must be heart felt and genuine.

5.  Good chemistry between the consultant and the leadership team - Frank and sensitive conversations should take place easily.

6.  Devotion of the Staff - The ministers and support staff will be asked to work long hours and some ministry areas may suffer.  If a firm commitment is absent, the congregation will know.

7.  Selection of the Campaign Director - This individual, who will be the face of the campaign, must have broad based support and respect.  Do not select a Campaign Director whose only gift is generosity.

8.  An early significant gift - If a key person “steps up to the plate” at the beginning of the campaign, enthusiasm builds and the bar of expectation is raised.

9.  Effective solicitation of major gifts - Those recruited to head this effort must be devoted, committed and talented. Your most skilled volunteers should be chosen for Campaign Director and Early Commitment Team Leader. 

10.  Congregational support and health - Broad based enthusiasm for the project is a must.

11.  Clear and effective communication - It is almost impossible to over communicate in a capital campaign.