Additional Services


"Are we crazy or what?" Sometimes even healthy churches wonder if they have lost their way as they struggle with relationships with ministers, problem church members or disgruntled employees. The church consultants at the Carpenter's Plan can assist your congregation by providing an unbiased analysis of your fellowship and her strengths and weaknesses. 

Minister Transition

No transition is fraught with more anxiety than the search for a new Senior Minister. Our consultants have extensive experience in helping churches manage this crucial change. We help church leaders honestly examine the past and then position themselves to face the future. To whatever extent the church is comfortable, we can also help with the actual search process as well.  

Strategic Planning

Weekly board or elder's meetings can be consumed by the urgent and as a result planning for the future suffers. The Carpenter's Plan can lead your leaders through a one day strategic planning seminar that will help clarify vision and push the congregation to take the next steps. An effective strategic planning session can move a congregation forward several months.