Additional Services

Feasibility Studies

Before embarking on a Capital Campaign it is important to gauge and measure the possibility of success. A feasibility study, which generally takes two to four months months, can give the organization greater confidence the campaign will succeed or alert the organization to potential pitfalls.  


Sometimes even healthy organizations need someone to look over their shoulder and provide wise counsel. From employee difficulty to board management or back office support, the Carpenter's Plan can assist you in diagnosing problems and coming up with workable solutions. Combined, our team has over 100 years of experience in the fields of education, faith based non-profits and religious organizations. 

Strategic Planning

Organizations sometimes lose their way due to vision drift, mismanagement or staff/board turnover. What was once a clear and compelling vision has become murky and disorganized. The team at the Carpenter's Plan can conduct a one day seminar that will jump start planning and move your organization forward by several months. This service is particularly helpful if you think a capital plan is in your future, but you are stymied by indecisiveness and a lack of direction.   

Board Training

A truly effective board is one that is motivated and engaged, advancing the mission of the organization through the expenditure of personal time, talents and treasures. Our Carpenter's Plan consultant can lead your board through a one day seminar that will rekindle enthusiasm and motivate your board to greater service.