Do Not Prejudge

Nothing about them suggested their estate was worth what it was.  They lived very simply yet very happily.  They had given just a few small gifts over a dozen years to the non-profit and over that time discovered a ministry that matched their heart.  They saw an opportunity to use their God blessed resources to contribute to a ministry that would impact the world long after their life on earth.  A ministry that matched their heart resulted in a $500,000 bequest gift upon their death.

Fundraising is more than asking for a gift or reaching a capital campaign goal.  It is giving people an opportunity to support something in which they believe to accomplish something larger than what they could do themselves.  Giving people a vision of what their support could mean gives them a chance to personally grow and see their dreams and goals come to fruition.

Be careful not to prejudge who might or might not be interested in your project.  Be careful not to decide for others just how interested they might be in supporting your cause.   

Do you believe in your mission?  Do you believe your project is worth supporting?  Do you see the clear results of reaching the amount of your campaign?  Talking about what could be accomplished with your campaign gives others an opportunity to be deeply blessed.  The personal joy that occurs when a mission in a heart finds fulfillment in a ministry is difficult to measure.

Focusing on the hearts of good people, telling your story with passion and watching what that combination accomplishes cannot always be measured in dollars.  Think of the possibilities!