How Many Come To See You?

I had been in their home on three or four occasions, and we had developed a good friendship over the last several years. I was back in their home recently to thank them for their gifts over the last few months and to give them some updates on the progress of a project or two that had grabbed their attention.  The husband showed me a six inch high stack of mail from organizations asking for donations. He was wearing a shirt advertising one of the organizations to which he and his wife have made donations and then mentioned a few other groups to whom he had given to in the past. 

Having developed a friendly and trustworthy relationship with them over the years I asked, “But how many of those groups come to visit with you?" He smiled and looked at me and said, “Only you!"

Do you remember the television commercial a few years ago of the CEO for a company whose business had taken a down turn? There was a meeting in the conference room and airplane tickets were being distributed to all the team members.  One asked, “Why are we getting airplane tickets?”  The new CEO’s answer, “We are going to go visit our clients, reestablish relationships and make some new ones."  Someone asked about the top client that had cut back on orders.  The CEO then reached into his pocket and pulled out his own plane ticket and said, “I’m going to see him."

Do your donors know you appreciate them? A visit with a smile along with a firm, confident hand shake, a thank you, and some exciting news about your ministry builds a deeper trust relationship. Other groups vying for your donors’ attention might have more colorful advertising and slicker newsletters but they shouldn’t be able to out work you.

Who are you going to see today?