You Cannot Say Thank You Too Much

“I can’t believe that you remember me and that you would thank me for the small amount that I have given to you.  I am 91 and I can’t believe you would take the time to visit me and then write to me.”  That is how her letter began as she then told me in the next three pages about the last few years of her life and its impact upon her health and family.  She felt appreciated, informed and engaged in our work.  She made me realize the need to make sure all donors know just how important they truly are to the work to which our hearts are committed.

 Then another letter came in the next few days.  She began by saying “It was such a great honor and joy to see you at my front door.  I do not know why you would take the time to come and visit me, but I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your visit.  You encouraged me with the information that you shared.  Thanks so much for coming.”

 When you stay connected with your donors, you become the face of the organization to that donor.  You are the one with whom they develop a trusting friendship.  People sacrificially give and make future estate plans with organizations they trust.  You are the vital link in that relationship. 

Develop a plan of saying thank you and faithfully work the plan.  Regular expressions of appreciation are so important.  You cannot say thank you enough.