Who Do I Want To Become?

Bill Hybels in his book Simplify has a chapter on time management. While he makes many of the same points I have read in countless time management books, one quote gave me pause.

The question isn’t, ‘What do I want to get done in the next thirty days?’ but ‘Who do I want to become in this season of my life’?”

This according to Hybels is the key to managing your calendar. “Who do I want to become?” Two examples Bill gives are becoming a pilot and becoming a better father. (Early in his career Bill realized he was away from home far too much.) Bill wanted to become something he was not, and he adjusted his calendar to bring about this change.

Asking this simple question of myself today leads me to two action steps, two things that need to make it on to my calendar. Both items are multiday tasks and one of them will involve several months. Neither item is particularly fun. Eventually I hope the actions steps will lead to fulfillment, but in the short term, as I sit at my desk this morning, they both just seem like work.

But what do I want to become? I want, at least I am pretty sure I want, what these self-imposed tasks will bring about. So . . . I can either dream about it or I can put action steps on my calendar.

What do you want to become?

  • A better wife

  • A non-anxious leader

  • An expert in . . .

  • A more skillful teacher

  • Less afraid

  • Emotionally healthy

Most of us are busier than we ought to be. We overbook, leave little margin in our days, answer to too many people, don’t exercise properly, and waste time in mindless activities because we are stressed.

But we cannot afford to not ask the question.

What do I want to become in this season of my life?