Be Bold

Recently we conducted numerous feasibility study interviews for a client. (More on the value of a feasibility study in a future post.) Our team talked to over 50 donors, board members, staff, and interested parties over a period of two months. We learned so much about the organization and their donors.

I had to make one last call. We really had all the information we needed, but the client wanted us to talk to one more foundation. So I made the call on a Friday afternoon. The interview went well, and we surfaced a potentially large donation. But it was the last thing the foundation director said that grabbed my attention.

The closing question in the interviews is always the same.

“What comments would you share with the leadership of this organization as they consider your responses and prepare for a campaign?”

“Be bold,” he said. “Too often non-profits leave money on the table because they do not ask for enough. Don’t be afraid to ask for a big number.”

Be bold. 

I will write up the Feasibility Report in a couple of weeks. The report will include strengths and weaknesses of the non-profit along with an estimation of how much they can raise in a capital campaign. Toward the end I will list a compilation of comments. I am putting this one comment at the top. And I might even put it in bold type. It is that important.

Be bold!