The Power of Thanks

Scanning over the posts in this blog, I see a significant theme of thanks. This theme is present, not because we can't think of other topics, but because it is so important. Donors need to be thanked. All the time. In multiple ways.

There are any number of ways to do this. Below is a simple letter I sent the older members of our congregation. This note accompanied the year end notice we send out about making donations from IRA's.

Dear Senior Adults:

I knew that we were sending a reminder out to our “older members” about distributions from IRA’s, and I wanted to add my personal note.

First a quick story. I visited with my Mom last week. We went to the attorney and took care of some legal matters. Later we talked about where all of the financial documents were, what power of attorney means, all of those things. This led to a conversation about money, budget, and the change in monthly income since Daddy’s death. She then asked, “So how much will church be now?”

I knew what she was asking. How much is 10% of my monthly income? What do I need to give?

I know and you know that a tithe is not demanded in scripture. I believe it is a good principle and is a great place to start, but it is not “commanded,” as much as we preachers want to act like it is. I give a tenth because I have always thought it what I am supposed to do. And I have probably thought that because my Mama did.

Many of you are like my Mother—you give a tenth or more of your income and you have done so for years. You don’t think you are doing anything special or grand. You are simply doing your duty.

And I thank you.  I know that older members of any congregation give a disproportionate amount of the money collected. We could not do it without you.

Occasionally I worry about what happens when younger generations become the older members. Will they support the church like you do? I wonder.

But today I am not worried. I am just thankful. I am thankful for you.