Free Ebook from Jerry Panas

Jerry Panas is a well respected voice in fundraising. Below is a link for his latest ebook.

A Free eBook from Fundraising's

Most Important Author  

Jerry Panas has done it again-- this time he out-did himself.

Jerry has authored an amazing eBook. It's yours FREE.

It's called THE IRREFUTABLE CANONS OF FUNDRAISING. There are 78 tips, tidbits, and treasures Jerry has gleaned in his forty years of fundraising.

These are his tenets that lead to success. It covers everything from asking to stewardship. From Boards to getting the appointment.

Just a little bit of philosophy. A dash of humor here and there. And mostly awesome advice.

You'll agree with those who have read the first draft-- there's never been anything like it. You'll understand why Jerry was recently named the #1 fundraiser in the country. It's yours FREE to download here.


Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners

Inspired Fundraising Solutions

500 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL60611

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