I Am Right!

The call came on my cell-phone, an 800 number that I did not recognize. The foreign sounding voice on the other end announced that they needed to talk about some suspicious charges on my credit card.

I responded, “The credit card company does not call about suspicious charges.” I was loud and proud that I was not taken in by some phone scam. After I hung up, I continued to fume. “I should have said, “How can you sleep at night. Trying to steal from people.” My righteous indignation was in overdrive.

It just so happened that fifteen minutes later I needed to purchase something online. Surprisingly my credit card was rejected. I tried a second time, thinking I typed the number in wrong. Same result.


When I reached the credit card representative, she informed me that two charges on my card had been flagged as suspicious, and the card had been frozen. The charges were in fact fraudulent, and the card had to be cancelled. I sheepishly told her that someone had just tried to call me to ask about the charges, and I had hung up on them. She laughed and said the agent had indeed made note in the file that he had attempted to call, but alas the customer (me) had hung up.

I just knew I was right. I had read that in Consumer Reports or something. Hadn’t I?

Apparently not.

Just because you think you are right doesn’t make it so.