The One Thing

On Thursday of this past week I had a wonderful time cleaning up some files from a client. Notes were scattered in three different files from over a three-year period, and I had been meaning to get to this for a long time since I was having trouble finding things quickly. Next I ticked off a couple of other housekeeping duties--items not even on my "to do" list. I was so productive. It was empowering.

Until Friday night.

That is when I picked up Gary Keller and Jay Papasan's book, The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. The authors note that a lengthy "to do" list is often an excuse to not work on what is most important--the one thing you really ought to be doing.

I am so busted.

On Thursday there were two things that I needed to do. But I simply did not want to do them. They required creativity and discipline, neither of which I felt that morning. So I went for the easy thing. Granted, it was better than wasting time playing Words With Friends or daydreaming about my next vacation, but my industrious Thursday was simply a cover up. I stayed busy so I did not have to think about the two important tasks I was blowing off.

So I am repenting, at least for now. As I have begun my list for next week, I have asked myself an important question. What is the most important thing I need to do? It is funny. I knew the answer immediately.

What is your one thing?

Are you doing it?