Thank You For Taking The Time

A client told me this story just today.

The head of a family foundation stopped by my client's non-profit to check things out. The foundation director was new, and she just wanted to see things for herself. The CEO showed her around, answered all her questions, and frankly enjoyed the visit. My CEO friend described the new foundation director as "delightful" and "so encouraging."

As she left, the director of the foundation said, "Thank you for taking the time to show me around and answer my questions. Not everyone does this."

Not everyone does this? Seriously? A non-profit accepts money from a foundation yet cannot take the time to offer a tour or answer questions? This is simply unfathomable. 

What about your interactions with donors?

  • Do you thank donors personally and promtly?
  • Do you keep key donors informed?
  • Do you even know your key supporters?
  • Do you listen to your donors?
  • Do you keep accurate records about interactions with your donors?
  • Do you like your donor partners?

Are you taking time for your supporters?