Church FAQs

Describe the applicable services you provide?

The Carpenter’s Plan partners with the local church to engage the membership in sacrificial stewardship to achieve a compelling vision. We train the leaders who in turn lead the church.

How long does it take to conduct a capital campaign? (From what point to what point)

A typical campaign lasts five months from contract signing to Commitment Sunday. Additional time may be needed if strategic planning with the leadership is required. The giving period is usually for three years.

How would you and your firm become familiar with our congregation?

We would interview the leadership to understand history, values, mission, vision, and immediate goals. We understand that every church is unique, and we will take care to not assume.

Describe how your standard approach is adapted to accommodate the unique qualities of the congregation?

The function stays the same – a compelling vision that creates an atmosphere of sacrificial giving. We will partner with the church leadership to build a unique campaign based on the biblical teachings of stewardship.

What is your approach to determine how much a congregation can raise?

We combine your current giving trends with data from across the country. We also factor in what kind of project the congregation is engaged in—building, debt, etc. The average three-year commitment for a campaign is 1.5 to over 3 times the yearly general budget. Generally two or three goals are set for the congregation.

Describe the kind of follow-up work your firm provides after the campaign is underway or is completed? Is there an additional cost for follow-up work?

The follow-up is part of the total campaign price. A follow-up team will be trained as well as quarterly interaction with the campaign leadership. Our commitment to follow-up also includes specific conversations about how to end well.

Please outline your fee structure.  Are expenses included in the consulting fee?  What is the payment schedule?

A set fee covers the total cost of the campaign including the consultant’s expenses, training materials and curriculum. The fee should be paid over the five or six-month period of the campaign.

Other than the consulting fee, what are the additional costs?

The church is responsible for the design and printing of all promotional pieces, postage and the Celebration Event. Churches usually spend from $20 – $30 per member.

What services do you provide relative to the acquisition and transfer of non-cash contributions such as stocks, bonds, land, or other  assets that may be donated during the campaign?

We provide guidelines and ideas. Gifts like these will be highly encouraged. We have experience in handling these transactions regularly.

What, if any, guarantees does your organization provide?

We will work hard and offer personal attention. We guarantee the campaign will be a spiritually significant experience for your congregation.