"Our consultants at The Carpenter's Plan advised us in a listening process to refine a vision deep within the heart of our church. They invested themselves in the life and culture of our church in order to help us succeed in our unique setting. They guided us skillfully through the capital campaign process and remained engaged and supportive throughout. This was our 3rd major capital campaign.  It was also the most enjoyable and rewarding. The capital campaign not only raised the funds we needed to meet our goals, it also engaged our church in a common vision that will lead us far into the future.   Our church has never been more excited."

Jonesboro, Arkansas


"From the beginning, the Carpenter's Plan explained that we were not going to be fund raising but 'Faith raising' instead. it certainly held true for our church family. The highlights of our campaign included hearing the testimonials of members, and our forty days of prayer culminating in twenty-four hours of prayer in our sanctuary. During this time our church experienced a time of connecting with God, as well as a sense that we were committing to each other and the work that the Lord entrusted to this church. if we did not receive a dime, the time we spent growing as disciples was worth all the work." 

Huntsville, Alabama


“In addition to our members pledging over $1.1 million dollars toward our new addition, we experienced many positive things.   The focus on prayer was one of the most exciting things we experienced.  In addition, we had people using their God-given talents in wonderful ways that we had not seen before.  The unity and teamwork were tremendous.  The level of excitement that we experienced was something I had not seen in twenty-seven years of ministry.  This is the most spiritually focused campaign that I have ever seen.  We were completely satisfied.”

Antioch, Tennessee

"Our leadership selected the Carpenter's Plan group from Nashville to provide leadership in our stewardship campaign. We found them to be consummate professionals and the Carpenter's Plan model biblically based and effective. The theological principles foundational to Carpenter's Plan communicated well to our members and were the strength of their stewardship approach. We are grateful for how the Carpenter's Plan provided us an essential framework for our campaign. We highly recommend their biblical approach for congregations contemplating a stewardship campaign. 

Abilene, Texas

“Their commitment to the church staying focused upon prayer and mission as we experienced the spiritual journey of a major stewardship campaign blessed and united us.  The trust that our leaders at every level had in Chris and Jason was an inestimable blessing.  We incurred a major, unexpected expense relative to our building project after the campaign was completed.  Chris and Jason may have done their most important work with us when they helped us process the entire range of issues which that expense generated.  They engendered calm.  They gave wise advice.  They certainly were engaged and actively involved.  As a result, the congregation did not panic; and the commitment to the project and the campaign did not wane.”

Memphis, Tennessee

“The results were nothing less than amazing.  Chris and Jason were both extremely professional and thoroughly spiritual in their guidance.  I could not have been more pleased.  The congregation raised three times more money that any previous financial drive and the spiritual consciousness about giving were raised to a new level. 

Arlington, Tennessee

 “Over eighty-five percent of our congregation participated in some way.  Leaders and members chose to sacrifice for the glory of God.  Even now, almost two months after our commitment Sunday, I am in contact with our consultants as they continue to guide the congregation through the next phases of Great Faith in Great Falls.”

Great Falls, Montana

"I want to thank you for the consulting work you provided. I am convinced we made the right decision to bring you into the planning stages of our expansion. . .not only for raising the capital for our campaign; but, reminding us about Christian living and keeping the unity as a body of Jesus believers." 

Donelson, Tennessee

"Your numerous trips to Knoxville for nearly five months were extremely valuable, especially the weekly meetings with various committees during a majority of the campaign. The training and support provided our committee chairs and team members were crucial for success. We also appreciate your focus on the spiritual issues of a capital campaign. That was important to us and our church family and will have lasting effect. We certainly would not have reached our goal without your efforts. God obviously blessed us when we hired the Carpenter's Plan as our campaign consultants."

Knoxville, Tennessee

"I highly recommend The Carpenter's Plan to any church that is planning to do an addition, build a new building or just wanting to pay off their mortgage. It will bring unity and challenge your church to get involved."

Memphis, Tennessee