What Makes The Carpenter's Plan Distinctive?

A Biblical Experience


A capital campaign is more than raising money.  A good campaign increases spiritual awareness, changes hearts and challenges the average member like few other church “programs.”  Raising capital funds is an outgrowth of a unifying congregational journey to honor a God-given vision.  While one hopes to reach financial goals, true life changing campaigns are more than just about money. 

Solid Leadership

We are ministers partnering with churches.  Over the last seven years we have helped churches in ten cities and five states raise over $32 million.

  1. We are aware of how church works, the time demands on volunteers and  the church staff.  We have our feet firmly planted in the dual worlds of minister and consultant.
  2. We promise attention to detail and hard work.
  3. We care about overall congregational health.  We see ourselves as church consultants, not fundraisers.
  4. Commitment to excellent follow-up.  We will be in touch with you during the entire three year process.

Clear Vision

We will help your leadership set a clear and compelling vision. This vision must always be larger than a building or reducing debt.  The need is great and God has chosen the church to communicate His message.   We assist churches in turning vision into reality. 

Effective Communication

We will be on site multiple times.  We can be reached by phone and email at any time.  Our email correspondence with a recent campaign surpassed 400 emails.  It is impossible to over communicate in a capital campaign.  We promise personal attention to detail. 

Equipping the Saints

We will train your leaders for ministry.  The skills and principles learned during the campaign will have eternal impact.  The young single will teach for the first time, and the graphic artist will use her skill for the Lord.  Every member will have the opportunity to engage her or his abilities for the Lord.  The campaign will emphasize stewardship of talent, not just material possessions. 


We believe in and practice prayer. We believe anything worth doing is worth doing well and is worth bathing in prayer. All of our fundraising principles are based on scripture. We refuse to manipulate and always treat people with integrity and honesty. 

Individualized Program

The campaign will be tailored to fit your congregation and its needs.  We will work hard to learn about your church and her strengths and weaknesses.  Since we do not bring a boilerplate mentality to the process, the plan we craft for you will take into account your church’s unique identity. 

A Strong Commitment to Follow-up

We will work with you to create and implement a follow-up strategy that will keep the dream alive for those who have committed to the vision.  We will train your leaders to effectively communicate with new members as well.  Our ongoing monitoring and consulting will last for three years.


Estate Planning Services

The Carpenter’s Plan does not offer Estate Planning Services, but we do have a partner relationship with Thompson and Associates, a firm that has had remarkable success in helping non-profits and churches tap into the potential of gifts from estates. Almost all churches would benefit from this service.