Don't Underestimate the Power of Information and a visit

Do you believe in the unique mission of your organization?  Do you see the impact that it is making and could be making for the future?  Have you told your story before to those donors that are the backbone of your work? 

Having already communicated your story and your future before, never underestimate the importance of retelling your story, of continually saying thank you and keeping the future alive for your donors.

 A donor had become concerned about the ministry.  She expressed those concerns in a couple of emails to the leadership of the organization.  Then something very important happened.  Well worded emails were sent followed by an hour long visit in her home.  Confidence restored!  Support reestablished!  What changed things?  Important information was supplied and a cordial visit was made.

 It is so important to get to know your donors and to know their concerns.  Your message needs to be continually retold to those who support your efforts.  One of my mentors told me when I began my development work, “There is always someone to visit.  Your desk will never be clear.” 

 Was he ever correct!

 Those organizations with an active and effective plan for staying in contact with their donors will be the non-profits that will ensure their future.  Those that do not will eventually fail.

 Share information and make a visit. Don’t ever underestimate the power of these two simple things.