Interesting Facts

The following statistics come from Blackbaud, the donor software folks.

There are 1,409,430 tax-exempt organizations competing  for donations. 817,379 of these organizations have budgets of under $100,000.00

72% of giving comes from individuals. 6% comes from corporations. 15% comes from foundations.

The retention rate of first time donors is 23.7%!  Retention rate of multi-year donors is 58.4%.

84% of nonprofit donation landing pages are not optimized for mobile. 65% of nonprofits make donors click 3 or more times to give a donation.

63% of donors want to know how their money is being used. 50% of donors say that personalization of thank you is more important than speed. 75% of donors spend less than 2 hours researching nonprofits before giving.

32% of charitable giving goes to faith-based organizations. 13% of charitable giving goes to education. 3% of charitable donations go to environment/animal organizations. 9% of charitable giving goes to health organizations.

$25 BILLION is donations NOT loyal to an organization and switchable to new charities. $31 BILLION is the fundraising market for individual donors willing to invest less than $10,000 today.  48% if high net worth households get info on nonprofits from advisors.

33% of 2013 giving occurred in the last three months of 2013.December accounted for 17.5%.

The average # of Twitter followers for a nonprofit organization in 2012 was 21,788. The average # of Twitter followers for a small nonprofit organization is 3,352.