The Best Thing We Have Done to Enhance Giving

Several months ago I polled church leaders about their giving at church. The question asked was,  “The best thing we have done to enhance giving at our place is.

Communicate clearly what the needs are (6)*

·      How giving impacts the community

·      Inform of short falls

·      Tell better stories

·      Present budget and needs

Utilize special contributions (5)

·      Budget based on 50 weeks, two Sundays of specials (2)

·      Special contributions (2)

·      Three or four special contributions a year

Preach early in the year on giving (3)

Use online giving opportunities (2)

Capital Campaign (2)

Kregg Hood material (2)

Spend money on compelling projects

Leadership is a key component

Clear vision with a defined need

No secrets. Complete transparency

Encourage people to grow one step each year toward a tithe

Financial Peace classes

A giving app

One take away for me from the survey is the importance of doing something. Your congregation and the individual families that comprise it will not automatically grow in generosity. You must lead. 

I know how it is as a church leader. Multiple needs come at you from every direction. Often you simply are striving to keep your head above water. Planning ahead to enact two or three of these action steps seems like more work.

Which of course it is--more work. But you cannot afford, literally, you cannot afford inaction. Do something.

* The numbers represent how many of the 20 or so respondents gave that particular answer.