The Power of Thanks

I have not gone through these blog posts and recorded how many times we have written about the importance of expressing thanks to your donors. I know it is a lot—probably more than I even realize. But just when I think perhaps I am beating a dead horse and should find another topic, I hear stories like the following.

A friend in ministry told me about a recent encounter. My friend went out of his way to thank a “big giver” at church. Well actually, he did not go out of his way. He simply stopped the guy at church one Sunday and thanked him. The encounter was not planned. It was simply a genuine, “we could not do it without you,” kind of interchange.

The next day the church member made an additional five-figure gift to church.

The next day!

The gift was not tied to a specific ask. In fact, the donor was not asked to do anything. There was no solicitation. Shoot, there was no expectation of any kind.

The donor was simply thanked. Genuinely thanked. And guess what? He is like you and me. He appreciated it.

So, I ask again, especially those of you working in a church setting. Are you thanking your people?